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What we can fund

To be eligible to apply for funding through any of Cripplegate Foundation’s own or partner programmes your organisation must:

  • A registered charity

  • A registered Community Interest Company

  • A registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation

  • A charitable company or Social Enterprise

  • A constituted organisation 

  • An unincorporated organisation with a management committee  of at least 3 people

Cripplegate Foundation only funds organisations working to improve the lives of people living in our area of benefit.  

What we cannot fund

  • political parties

  • political lobbying

  • churches or other religious bodies where the monies will be used for religious purposes/ promotion of religion

  • work which does not benefit Islington residents

  • individuals (except through our identified Partners)

  • medical or academic research

  • expenses that have already been incurred, projects that have already taken place

  • residential care services or residential facilities

  • general appeals

  • trips/outings (unless part of a bigger project)

  • debts