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Disability Fund (Islington Giving)

Islington Giving launched a new fund to support organisations capacity to be inclusive so people living with disabilities can take full advantage of what is on offer in Islington. 

Grants of up to £3,000 are available to organisations who have received funding from Islington Giving, Cripplegate Foundation or Islington Council’s Community Chest in the last 18 months.

Funds can be used to enable organisations to identify, resource and remove barriers to people living with disabilities from taking full advantage of what is on offer in Islington. The Disability Fund will make funds available to.

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Examples of how the Disability fund has been used so far


Talk for Health – £3,000 – 6 month pilot of one-to-one support for resident livings with mental and/or physical disabilities, who want to join Talk for Health but feel anxious about doing so.

Stuart Low Trust – £2,500 – To produce Wellbeing resources, mindfulness videos, virtual walks and practical tips on coping with loneliness and social isolation during Covid19 which are accessible to those with visual & hearing impairments.

Single Homeless Project –  £3,000 -Technology and internet access for people living with disabilities to take part in services.

Kurdish association for New Generations/Abroad (Kanga) – £250 – For staff training around identifying and supporting Special Educational Needs.