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Funding for individuals

Islington's Resident Support Scheme

The IRSS has been a godsend, and I cannot thank the team enough for the efficient and timely response that it provides.

Danny Hardie | Peabody | Financial Inclusion Team Leader  | (Peabody is a partner organisation of the RSS)

Islington Resident Support Scheme (IRSS) is a local welfare scheme that replaces the old Social Fund and Cripplegate Foundation’s Individual Grants Programme. It is managed by Islington Council. Cripplegate Foundation is a founding partner of the Islington Resident Support Scheme. We contribute to the fund and help in its development.

Vulnerable Islington residents who are in receipt of a means-tested benefit, including in-work benefits can apply for:

  • household items
  • help in a crisis
  • help with housing costs
  • council tax support

Applicants will normally be at risk of poor health, homelessness or family breakdown.

Cripplegate Foundation does not accept applications. If you want to apply for support, you need to contact your support worker, or speak to the large network of partner organisations and statutory services involved in the scheme, some of which are funded by Cripplegate Foundation. For a list of these see Islington Council's RSS page

To a great many residents the IRSS has eased pressure in ways that are unexpected, and difficult to measure solely financially.

Danny Hardie | Peabody | Financial Inclusion Team Leader  | (Peabody is a partner organisation of the IRSS)


Mary is elderly and has lived in the borough all her life. After a few years of poor health, she was struggling to get up and down the stairs. She was feeling increasingly isolated. Mary was allocated a ground-floor flat but most of her furniture was old and worn.

Mary’s housing provider applied to the RSS for furniture for her new home. She also received a Discretionary Housing Payment to cover the rent deposit. Through the scheme, Mary was referred to Help on Your Doorstep for ongoing support and Islington Council’s SHINE (Seasonal Health Interventions Network) for help to reduce her utility bills.

Thanks to the many organisations involved in the Scheme, residents are helped to find additional services and support that can all contribute towards making life easier.

Islington Council's Commitment

Although central government funding for local welfare schemes was reduced in 2014, Islington Council has remained committed to running a scheme that meets the needs of the most disadvantaged residents particularly those affected by welfare reform. It is now one of only two councils in England to increase its local welfare budget since 2013, adding 12% to support local people. The Council has used savings from other areas to support the Islington Residents Support Scheme. By consolidating waste management practices, it was able to make savings to complement the funding available for local people.

More information can be found via Islington Council

*Name changed to protect identity.