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Funding for individuals

Islington's Resident Support Scheme

As a caseworker at the Law Centre, I would like to say that the RSS has supported some of our most vulnerable clients at times of serious stress and crisis in their lives. That support has had a major positive impact.

Fiona Mogre | Solicitor | Islington Law Centre (an RSS partner)

Islington’s Resident Support Scheme (RSS) is a local welfare fund which offers help to residents during times of crisis. Cripplegate Foundation is proud to be a founding partner of the RSS. We contribute to the fund and help in its development. Islington Council manages and funds the scheme, which also administers Islington’s Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP).

Who does the RSS help?

If you are:

  • an Islington resident, or working with residents,  in receipt of means-tested benefits, including in-work benefits
  • and face additional vulnerabilities, - poor health, the risk of homelessness or family breakdown, for example

the RSS might be able to help.

The fund can pay for household items (cookers, fridges, beds, etc), as well as making one-off awards for food and fuel during an immediate crisis. It can also help with short term housing costs, as well as offering some support with council tax payments.

The Resident Support Scheme has been invaluable in supporting many of our clients to purchase the essential items they need to set up their new homes.

Liz Rutherfoord, Chief Executive, Single Homeless Project

How to apply

Individuals cannot apply directly to the RSS. If you are an Islington resident and think the RSS might be able to help, you will need to contact an organisation who can make an application on your behalf. This might be a housing officer, the customer service team at 222 Upper Street, or another member of the council team. Most housing associations can apply for you, and many charities are also able to apply, including Help on Your Doorstep, AgeUK Islington and Islington Mind.

For a full list of organisations who can apply with you, please email 

Cripplegate Foundation does not accept applications.

Find out more, or get involved

If you are working with residents who could benefit from the RSS, but you are not using the scheme, please let us know.

If you or someone in your team would like to receive training on how to use the RSS, please contact Anne Shewring

Partners of the RSS come together to share learning and discuss how the Scheme is working. You can find out more about our recent Partner meeting below. 

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The RSS supports Clarion's residents by helping to sustain tenancies in awarding DHPs. It also improves residents' quality of life, with the provision of household items, which is found to be invaluable in aiding the mental and physical wellbeing of our residents.

Sandra Williams | Welfare Benefit Advisor | Clarion Housing (a partner organisation of the RSS)