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Development Partners: The Parent House

Development Partners: The Parent House

The Parent House aims to support vulnerable and disadvantaged families in Islington by helping parents to reach their full potential and to improve quality of life for themselves and their families.

The Parent House works towards helping individuals improve mental and economic well-being, access training and education, reduce isolation and increase access to services, and strengthen community cohesion.  

The approach

The Parent House approach is to listen to people and help them resolve their difficulties by building relationships based on respect and trust. It does this through a range of activities including one-to-one support, tailor-made accredited training courses, peer mentoring and outreach into the community.

We do all we can to make sure every parent feels welcome. We have built a ‘house’ rather than an institution to make parents feel at home from the moment we greet them at the gate; the kettle is always on... Through listening, valuing and welcoming each parent as an individual, we help them to recognise their potential.

Gina | Director | The Parent House

The Parent House brings to the Development Partner programme unique experience of working with local parents and a deep understanding of what can work to help people build their confidence and realise their potential. The Parent House wanted to join the partnership to both share insights from its own work and learn from the work of others; and to explore the scope for jointly influencing how more services can be provided in ways which truly listen to and value people and their experiences.

Reaching families in Islington

The Parent House runs a successful outreach programme delivered by trained volunteers who are previous users of the service. They help design and shape the project and visit a variety of settings to meet parents who would like to engage with The Parent House.

Volunteers talk about their own experience of The Parent House and the new parents feel that they can relate to them.  As well as reaching individuals the volunteers are able to keep up to date about other local organisations, helping The Parent House to stay well-informed and be able to share this knowledge with the parents they support.

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