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Development Partners: Help on Your Doorstep

Development Partners: Help on Your Doorstep

Help on Your Doorstep works alongside Islington residents to find solutions to issues which make life difficult, to strengthen communities to do more for themselves and to enable people to improve life chances.

By identifying residents who are experiencing or may be at risk of isolation, poverty and deprivation or ill-health, Help on Your Doorstep staff provide early support to prevent the need for later crisis interventions.

The approach

With a model of working that relies on links and relationships with others Help on Your Doorstep sees real value in partnership approaches. Through its frontline day-to-day contact with residents Help on Your Doorstep is able to generate a wealth of data and evidence about issues affecting people’s lives. As a Development Partner Help on Your Doorstep has an opportunity to work with close partners to leverage the use of this evidence to shine a light on poverty and inequality in Islington.

Connect brings in clients who are often outside of the system– they connect with people who don’t have the experience or courage to access resources. They do this through door-knocking and through the fact that they are a local service who people trust.

Partner | Help on Your Doorstep

Help on Your Doorstep uses two strategies to engage with Islington residents.

Connect Outreach: By knocking on doors Help on Your Doorstep identifies vulnerable residents and ensures they are linked to the local services and activities they want. Connect helps with issues including financial hardship, debt, physical and mental health, parenting/family support and employment support.

Good Neighbours Schemes: Working in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Islington Help on Your Doorstep helps to harness the enthusiasm of residents to build community connections, activities and reciprocity. Operating in four parts of the borough Good Neighbours Schemes have set up support groups, befriending networks, healthy activities and community events.

Reaching Islington residents

Help on Your Doorstep aims to make a visible difference to the health and wellbeing of the communities it serves by empowering individuals. Using the intelligence it is able to gather at a local level, Help on Your Doorstep informs service development and design alongside statutory and non-statutory agencies.

Help on Your Doorstep's research is gleaned from pro-active engagement with local people, and the use of partnerships across a network of over 120 local service providers.

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