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Development Partners: Company Three

Development Partners: Company Three

Company Three (formerly known as Islington Community Theatre) was established in 2008 to support young people aged 11-19 from Islington. Over the past decade they have developed a nationally-regarded approach to supporting and training young people as theatre-makers through long-term collaboration with professional artists.

Their production of Brainstorm – made by a group of ten local young people - received rave reviews when it opened at the National Theatre and was the subject of a study by the University of Oxford which evidenced the impact of the show upon public perceptions of young people. With the publication of a Brainstorm 'blueprint' the show has been re-created and performed by other schools and youth groups across the globe, including productions in Australia, USA and Kenya.

Make no mistake: what Company Three is doing stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the most inventive and high-quality theatre currently being made in the UK.

The Guardian, 2015

The approach

Company Three’s vision is for a world which listens to, understands and celebrates teenagers. They support young people to understand themselves and the world around them, and share their discoveries with the adults who have the most impact on their lives. They aspire to be a model for exceptional work with young people, sharing their discoveries with partners on a national and international scale and using feedback to inspire, challenge and reinvigorate their practice.

Through our work we support local young people to make work which helps adults to better understand what it means to be a young person growing up in Islington. Being part of Cripplegate's Development Partner programme is an exciting opportunity for us to draw upon our practice to date and develop it further, and to work with other local organisations to shine an even brighter light on local issues.

Adam Coleman | Executive Director | Company Three

Reaching young people in Islington

Company Three's programme of work comprises two strands: a Core Company and Satellite Projects. Their Core Company comprises 75 young people aged 11-19, all of whom are nominated by teachers, youth workers or social workers as someone who will benefit from long-term engagement with their work. Satellite Projects are delivered in partnership with local schools and other youth groups, these enable Company Three to engage with over 500 additional young people each year.

Thank you for allowing me space to be happy, weird, sleepy, and sad. And for helping me grow, not by making me do it like everyone else, but by letting me do it by myself.

Jessica | Company Three member 

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