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Islington Giving: A life not a service

Islington Giving is committed to supporting families as part of its work to tackle poverty and inequality in Islington. Following a consultation with local families and those that work with them Islington Giving has recently launched its new strategy for supporting families – ‘A life not a service’.

Building Social Networks is one of the four action areas identified in the report in direct response to what people told Islington Giving would make a difference. With the benefit of learning from ‘A life not a service’ Islington Giving invites proposals from organisations that can help families build long-term supportive relationships.

The focus is particularly on offering support to families who have limited access to wider networks because of social or financial isolation, relationship conflict / domestic violence or a family member living with a physical or learning disabilities and / or mental ill-health.


Islington Giving is currently accepting applications from organisations working to build the social networks of families.

The deadline for applications to this porgramme is Monday 13th November 2017

For more information about this funding programme 

visit the Islington Giving website