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Invisible Islington: Living in Poverty in Inner London

Islington is a borough of striking social extremes: London’s richest and poorest residents exist side by side, living entirely different lives.

Cripplegate Foundation commissioned research to shine a light on the poverty that exists in Islington, to explore the factors that make it so entrenched – ill health, debt, isolation and lack of opportunity – and to re-think the actions needed to tackle it. Throughout, the aim has been to go beyond the statistics and allow local people to tell their stories about the impact of poverty on their lives.


The report paints a picture of a divided borough in a divided city, where those living in poverty inhabit an invisible bubble – able to see but not reach the economic and social opportunities so conspicuously enjoyed by their neighbours.

We interviewed 29 local residents over a six-month period to gain a detailed understanding of the effects that poverty had on their lives. We also spoke to local policy-makers and practitioners involved in tackling poverty in the borough. The results provide a vivid snapshot of what it is like to be poor in 21st century Islington and expose the many inter-connected obstacles that make escaping that poverty so difficult.


The findings of the 'Invisible Islington' report led Cripplegate Foundation to establish Islington Giving. 

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