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ACF Foundation Giving Trends 2018

The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) has published its annual Giving Trends report. Charting changes in the income and spending of foundations across the UK, the report tracks developing innovations and examples of best practice from the funding sector. 

The report highlights the significant support of City Bridge Trust in promoting place-based giving schemes in London. Islington Giving, which was established by Cripplegate Foundation and a range of local funding partners in 2010, has been an influential driver in this city-wide expansion. 

Following in the footsteps of its success to date - Islington Giving has reached over 20,000 local residents, motivated over 5,000 volunteers, and motivated the giving of money, time, ideas, and space by hundreds of people - are almost 30 other boroughs at different stages of developing their own place-based giving schemes. Inherent in each approach are efforts to best reflect the challenges and opportunties presented in each particular place.

The Giving Trends 2018 report further demonstrates how place-based giving is a nationwide movement. Foundations across the country are pioneering different ways of working in place. You can find more information on these on pages 14-15 of the report. 

Download Giving Trends 2018 here