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Survey of groups in Islington

27 April 2021 32

In January, 2021, we surveyed 159 organisations in the borough. These included groups we had previously funded, either from a Cripplegate or Islington Giving programme, and groups who had either not received funding for a number of years or ever. Groups could respond anonymously or leave an email address if they wanted a reply from us. 

We asked four questions. Questions were on two themes. The first asked groups about our application process, how they found it and what could we do more of, or do better, to be a good local funder. The second theme, in questions three and four, asked groups for their views on their funding priorities in the future, firstly in the next 12 months, and then longer term. 

  • What was your experience of the application process? Please tell us about accessibility, the time it took to complete, the speed of our response, and anything else you think will be helpful for us to hear. How might we improve any of these processes? 

  • Do you have ideas as to how Cripplegate and Islington Giving can be better local funding partners? 

  • What do you think Cripplegate and Islington Giving should be focusing on funding over the next 12 months? How should our funding respond to the impact of Covid-19? 

  • What do you think Cripplegate and Islington Giving should be focusing on funding over the longer term/24 months? 

Eighty-two groups responded. 78 had received funding from us, 4 had not. This was a “light touch” survey. We appreciate that responding groups were perhaps likely to have a favourable view of us, given that most have received funding, and that they are largely working in our current priority areas. However, given that groups could respond anonymously, we hope that gave people some freedom to be honest in their answers. 

In this summary, we have identified themes from what groups have told us and outlined actions we plan to take in response. 

Download summary 

Download summary with full responses