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Cripplegate Foundation & Islington Giving

In 2010, Cripplegate Foundation brought together local and national organisations to establish Islington Giving, to act on the findings of our ‘Invisible Islington’ report, published in 2008.

Cripplegate Foundation chairs the board of Islington Giving, which has raised almost £6million since 2010. We manage and finance all the operational work underpinning Islington Giving, meaning 100% of donations to Islington Giving are awarded as grants to benefit local residents.

What Islington Giving does

Islington Giving awards grants across three main strands:

By operating on the principle that everyone can give, whether with their time, expertise, networks or money, Islington Giving brings people who live and work in Islington together to support their local community.

Who's involved

Since 2010, residents, local, national, and international funders and businesses, and over 60 voluntary organisations have worked together with Islington Giving to tackle poverty and inequality in the borough. 

The board of Islington Giving is made up of six core partners. Each contributes financially, and brings expertise and experience. 

The Breadsticks Foundation

City Bridge Trust


Cripplegate Foundation

Macquarie Group Foundation

The Morris Charitable Trust

How can I get involved?

If you would like to support Islington Giving by making a donation, volunteering, or bringing new ideas to life, click here

If you would like to apply for funding, joining other effective organisations that make a difference to people's lives with Islington Giving click here