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We are seeking a Learning and Evaluation Partner

26 July 2022

We are seeking a Learning and Evaluation Partner to join our upcoming 5-year project, working to improve outcomes and experiences for Domestic Abuse Survivors in Islington.

The Context

In 2015, Cripplegate Foundation launched its 5-year Development Partner Programme to explore how a funder, together with some of its funded partners, could work more closely together to make a deeper impact in improving lives for Islington residents.

Initially the Development Partners involved five organisations, Claremont Project, Company Three, Cripplegate Foundation, Help on Your Doorstep and The Parent House. Later in the process, a sixth (unfunded) partner, the London Borough of Islington’s Homes and Communities Team, joined us.

By having the space to think and learn together we were able to identify shared priorities in our way of working which we described in an approach called “How Not What”, the legacy of which has been assets and training which was offered across Islington services and sectors, with an aim to increase the quality of relationship and engagement experienced by those who use public services. This experience was fruitful for partners and proved valuable in output, so we were keen to think of ways to take this forward in future. 

Our New Project

Cripplegate Foundation and City Bridge Trust have committed to co-funding a further 5-year project from 2022-2027, to work with experts in Islington who have both personal and professional expertise of domestic abuse. The broad ambition of the project is to explore how and where small changes can be made to systems and the way in which people who experience domestic abuse are treated to improve people’s experience and outcomes. In other words, to explore how to embed the How Not What approach in a particular sector in a particular location (Islington), and to see how this impacts the experience of survivors and those working with them. The project will work with 6 partners over the 5 years to achieve the above ambition. 

We believe that by creating space and opportunity for reflection and discussion, many valuable learning opportunities will arise organically. In essence, we will be replicating the ‘How Not What’ approach, not just in outward facing service delivery, but also in our approach to working together through this Development Partners project.

We are keen to have a learning partner with us throughout the five-year journey to help us to capture the learning and to evaluate this approach to working in partnership in addition to creating frameworks to gather evidence of system flex or change in implementing ‘How Not What’ in Domestic Abuse services in Islington. 

We want to be able to test new ideas, collaborate and apply learning through work that is informed by people with lived experience and those working within the sector. The learning ambitions and questions will be developed with partners, and the Learning and Evaluation Partner will play a key role in helping us to define and test these questions.

For more information and our proposal request, please download the briefs below. Proposals to be submitted by Monday 22nd August at 5pm.

Cripplegate Research Brief (Word) 

Cripplegate Research Brief (PDF)