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Islington Council maintains social welfare provision

Islington Council is one of only two councils in England to increase its local welfare budget since 2013, a new survey by Church Action on Poverty reveals

Writing in The Guardian, Patrick Butler describes the rapidly changing landscape of local welfare provision, which has either stopped completely, or drastically declined, in many local authorities in England.  

Islington Council has remained committed to running a scheme that meets the needs of the most disadvantaged residents particularly those affected by welfare reform. The Council has used savings from other areas to support the Islington Resident Support Scheme (IRSS).

Islington Resident Support Scheme is a local welfare scheme that replaces the old Social Fund and Cripplegate Foundation’s Individual Grants Programme. Managed by Islington Council, we are a founding partner of the Scheme, contributing to the fund and helping in its development. 

Join us to help make a positive difference for local residents

We are recruiting for an enthusiastic and community focused Programme Manager, who will lead on our work and partnership with Islington Council on the Islington Resident Support Scheme (IRSS).

You can find further details about this position here.