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Governor Kate Rogers co-authors new report on long-term charity investment

Cripplegate Foundation Governor and charity investment expert Kate Rogers has co-authored a new report, released by Cazenove Capital

Kate wrote Time & Money: Building resilience for long-term charity investors alongside foundation policy specialist Richard Jenkins (formerly of the Association of Charitable Foundations). The report emphasises the benefits of a long-term approach to asset allocation, providing quantitative demonstrations of the potentially stable and solid returns that charities can utilise when investing in a diversified portfolio.

Foundation Director Kristina Glenn also contributed to the report, offering insights into the strategy and experience of an organisation that is over 500 years old. Cripplegate Foundation takes a long-term perspective in the management of its endowment, in order to maintain support for local people in the future.

The report reflects the input of academics, trustees, investment professionals and charities in its summary of principles that charities can adopt to build long-term resilience. In times of increasing political uncertainty, and with trade wars and geopolitics threatening to cause increased economic volatility, these messages (see pp. 28-31 of the report) are especially pertinent.