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Eight new governors and advisers join Cripplegate Foundation

15 October 2020

Cripplegate Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of four new governors (trustees equivalent) and four new advisers.  

Edmund Brandt, Sarah Lee, Amir Rizwan and Manny Wiafe will be joining us as new governors on our board while Jesse Ashman, Paul Formosa, Eniola James and Emmanuelle (Manu) Mathey will become our new advisers.  

“We have been through a long recruitment process over the past few months during the pandemic, and are delighted to be welcoming our new governors and advisers.” said Sarah Benioff, Director of Cripplegate Foundation, and added, “They all bring very diverse experiences, backgrounds and ways of thinking into our board. They represent different professional and personal backgrounds; some are from Islington, have either grown up here or lived here for many years, many work in Islington, and they all have a deep understanding of the communities we work with.” 

They all bring very diverse experiences, backgrounds and ways of thinking into our board

New Cripplegate governors and advisers will soon become involved in discussions around grants, strategy, planning and decision-making; helping and supporting the organisation to grow and develop.  


A different way of recruiting  

As Sarah Benioff explains, “we really opened up the recruitment process, encouraged people to apply who had had no previous trustee experience, and said that we would provide training and support for anybody who wanted to join us; and that really got us a diverse pool of applicants.” In fact, she adds, “we were so overwhelmed by the strength of the people that were showing interest that we decided to take on eight people at once, four new governors and four advisers.”  

Cripplegate Foundation is committed to continuing to work for social justice and equality and our aim is to ensure that we understand, consider and address inequalities in everything we do as a local organisation. As Sarah Benioff explains,  “having recruited all these great new people to join our board and as advisers we see this as the beginning of a long process of expanding, learning and diversifying who we are as an organisation; there is so much more that we need to do, want to do and can do...this is just one step in that process,” 

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Some of Cripplegate's governors, advisers and staff members during an online team building event.