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Cripplegate Governor and Resource Director discuss responsible charity investment

10 June 2019

Charity Finance and Cazenove Charities convened a panel of experts to discuss a recent call for charities to be compelled align their investments with their objectives. Responsible and ethical investing is a hotly debated topic for charities and foundations. 

Cripplegate Foundation Governor Kate Rogers, who is Head of Policy at Cazenove Charities, and Resources Director Navjyot Johal contributed to the discussion, reflecting on the complexity of wider investment decisions for organisations working within a place.

The panel discusses how charities and fund managers have awoken to the potential for investment assets and endowments to have a more positive social impact. Debates are still unfolding around how best to encourage responsible investment decisions, and how to weigh these with charitable objectives. 

The discussion was published in the June issue of Civil Society Media's Charity Finance Magazine. You can read the full article here.