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Cripplegate Foundation: a Living Wage Friendly Funder

5 February 2018

Living Wage Friendly Funders support charities to pay the real Living Wage through their grant-making. Together with 31 other charitable funders from across the UK, we are working to end low pay in the charity sector.

As a Friendly Funder, we are committed to supporting the third sector by funding salaries at living wage or above, encouraging the organisations we fund to pay staff a wage that meets the real cost of living.

Building on our membership as an accredited Living Wage Employer, becoming a Friendly Funder builds on our strategic aim to use all our assets to improve the lives of people living in our area of benefit

Operating in Islington, as well as the Cripplegate Ward of the City of London, we understand the difficulties of making ends meet in the inner-city. Many in-work Islington residents live in poverty, and so our commitment to the payment of the Living Wage is another way for our work to create change in the borough.

Patrick Jones, Programme Manager