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Covid-19 crisis in Islington

20 March 2020

We know these are difficult times for everyone in the borough, particularly for the most vulnerable. There are many people and families who will suffer the greatest hardship, and we are doing all we can to help Islington’s charity groups and organisations who work with them directly.

Islington Giving has launched a Crisis Fund to support the most vulnerable people in Islington during the Covid-19 outbreak. Every penny raised will go directly to support the groups and organisations we know and trust to deliver essential services.

Money from this fund will go straight back out to organisations we know and trust, working in the community with residents who are isolated, anxious and in most need of financial support through this crisis.

Some of the fund money will go directly to residents in need of food or help with fuel bills via the London Borough of Islington’s Residents Support Scheme, as well as through our other trusted partners.

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Volunteering opportunities

All opportunities and offers are channelled via Volunteer Centre in Islington (VAI), on a special covid19 pageOrganisations, who either have or need volunteers can get in touch with VAI, labelling their requests Covid19.

If your organisation is looking for volunteers that could support your service users and vulnerable Islington residents during the coronavirus crisis go to the Volunteer Centre Islington website, follow the instructions and register your opportunities. If you are aware of potential volunteers willing to help residents in Islington, please signpost them to the Volunteer Centre Islington online portal further information please contact