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A picture of Islington

Islington is one of the most unequal places in the UK. The population of Islington is living longer, increasing and is constantly changing.

We recognise that, for many people, Islington is a vibrant inner London borough with world class opportunities. But there is poverty and inequality here, and we work to make lives better for all Islington residents.

Poverty and inequality

Islington is the 5th most deprived London borough and the 24th most deprived area in England (out of 326). Islington is one of the most unequal places in the UK with average house prices similar to boroughs like Richmond (275th most deprived).


Life expectancy for men is one of the lowest in London. The gap between life expectancies for richer and poorer residents is widening. We have the highest number of residents with serious mental health issues in the country and the highest levels of depression in England.

Children and young people

Educational achievement is improving and is now the national average. We have some of the highest levels of child poverty in the country with 47.5% of children living in poverty.  A third of children live in overcrowded conditions.


Islington has the least open space of any borough in the country (aside from the City of London). 


You can find more information about life in Islington in the 2019 'State of Equalities' Report, published by Islington Council, at the top of this page.