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King's Cross

King's Cross is known as a fast-paced centre of affluence and opportunity in South Islington. King's Cross is a national and international transport hub, with constant development, and thriving economic and cultural scenes. However, there are still challenges at King's Cross, where Islington and Camden meet.

This has been acknowledged by both Islington and Camden Council:

While King’s Cross has many advantages in terms of its location, transport connections and investment, local communities have not always been able to access opportunities and remain at a disadvantage.

'King's Cross: Shaping the Future', London Boroughs of Camden and Islington

Life in King's Cross

The area is in the top 30% deprived areas in England, with 36% of children living in poverty. The number of jobs to residents of working age is 440%, but only 31% of 16-74 year olds are in full time employment. 77% of residents like living here.

Our support around King's Cross

Cripplegate Foundation has funded many active voluntary orgnaistions in the area such as Help on Your Doorstep, Global Generation, The Parent House and Islington Bangladeshi Association.

Help on Your Doorstep

Help on Your Doorstep is a borough-wide community organisation, which aims to make a visible difference to the health and wellbeing of residents, by empowering them to overcome the barriers they face and improve their lives. They do this through pro-active engagement with local people, advice and guidance, and partnerships with local service providers.

Help on Your Doorstep’s services include their Good Neighbours Schemes (GNS) operating on four Islington estates – one being Priory Green in King's Cross (launched in 2016). A key objective is to increase the sense of belonging among local residents. Just 9 months after its launch, 329 local residents were involved in activities, with 19 people volunteering. Activities have brought the community together, and had an overwhelmingly positive response.

Help on Your Doorstep is one of Cripplegate Foundation's Development Partners and has been supported by the Foundation since 2008. Islington Giving, administered by Cripplegate Foundation, funds three Good Neighbours Schemes, in partnership with the Islington Clinical Commissioning Group, Islington Council Housing and Voluntary and Community Sector Departments and Peabody Housing Association.

Click here to read more about our support of Help on Your Doorstep

Global Generation

Islington Giving | Investing in Young People | 2 years | April 2017 to March 2019 | £32,000

Global Generation is an educational charity established in 2004. It works with residents and businesses in Islington, Camden, and Southwark, to create healthy, integrated and environmentally responsible communities. It has a specific focus on working with young people and families.

Global Generation has 26 community and commercial gardens they have co-created with local businesses, restaurants, schools and young people in and around the King’s Cross Development site. One garden is its base – the Skip Garden – where Global Generation grow eco-friendly produce and operate a thriving cafe. It serves nutritious food and offers work experience and employability programmes for young people with special needs, older people and refugees.  

Global Generation is part of Islington Giving’s Friday Night Out Project, in partnership with Arsenal in the Community and supported by Argent. Friday Night Out is a bi-weekly activity programme for 10-14 year olds, where young people can train with Arsenal in the Community, at the Handyside Football Pitch, and then go to the Skip Garden, to cook a communal meal.

Visit Global Generation's website here