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This is an abridged version of our full 2016 - 2018 strategy. Our 2019 - 2021 strategy will be published soon. 

You can download the full version here 

Our Vision

A society where everyone has the opportunity to live a rewarding and fulfilled life free from poverty and inequality.

Our Mission

To bring about change that will transform the lives of Islington’s most disadvantaged residents. We do this through funding voluntary organisations and working in partnership with others.

Where we work

We work in Islington and a small adjoining part of the City of London.

Our aim

To be an organisation which promotes social change by using all our assets – our endowment and investments, our knowledge, people and networks, our grant making, programmes and partnerships. 

Our core principles 

Cripplegate Foundation:

  • Is a voice for change in Islington

  • Is independent and is seen to be independent

  • Values and works in partnership with others

  • Listens and learns from its partners

  • Promotes and  champions effective ways of tackling disadvantage

Our Priorities

  • Improving the voluntary sector’s ability to serve local residents 

  • Building the resilience of vulnerable residents

  • Increasing the resources available to Islington

  • Influencing policy and practice that affects Islington

Pursuing our Priorities

  • Enabling our most disadvantaged residents to access opportunities

  • Strengthening the mental health and well being of our most vulnerable residents

  • Addressing the social dimensions of poverty and inequality manifested in isolation

  • Improving access to information, advice and support for low income residents

  • Maximising incomes for those living in poverty

We will apply all our assets to our priorities to effect social change:

  1. Through our programmes - We will use an asset based approach to social change to co produce programmes and activities
  2. By partnering with others to prevent problems and achieve long term change
  3. By influencing policy and practice
  4. By maximising all our assets
  5. By investing in place based giving
  6. By improving our effectiveness