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Rob Hull

Co-optative Member

Rob Hull has been a member of the Foundation’s Board of Governors since 2008. He is Chair of the Programme Committee and a member of the Asset Working Group. 

Rob has been an Islington resident for over 40 years.  After a career dealing mainly with national education policy, he has been a governor of three Islington schools and of London Metropolitan University.  He currently chairs the New City College group with campuses across East London and South Essex.  His commitment to tackling disadvantage in the local area led him to become a Cripplegate governor.  He is currently nominated by Cripplegate as the chair of the Islington Giving board which brings together our coalition partners.

Cripplegate Foundation knows the voluntary organisations in the borough well. It is prepared to work in partnership with other funders, and to make things happen when needs are identified that aren’t being met.