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Paula Kahn

Co-optative Member

Paula Kahn has been a member of the Foundation’s Board of Governors since 2000. She is a member of the Foundation’s Finance and General Purposes Committee.

In early 2019 we spoke with Paula about her 19 year involvement with the Foundation

What is your role at Cripplegate Foundation and what motivated you to get involved?

With my fellow Governors I set the strategic goals and ensure we are using our resources as best we can to listen to the people in Islington and work with them to give support to their needs and ambitions.

Tell us a bit about your past experience.

I have worked at a strategic level in educational publishing, health and now in social housing, always in commissioning not in service delivery. So I have wanted to look at the wider picture, at opportunities for change and in the longer term to make systemic change.

I don’t have hobbies but I am an ambassador for Stonewall and I am currently Treasurer of the Stuart Hall Foundation – organisations concerned with widening opportunities for people, but particularly those with limited financial resources or access (LGBT, working class, BME, women, disabled) to speak out and show their talents.

What have you enjoyed most during your time here?

I chair the steering group for our advice centres in Islington and so work with Cloudesley and with the dedicated staff at Islington Law Centre, the Citizens Advice Bureau, Community Language Support Services, Islington Bangladeshi Association and Help on Your Doorstep – we are all committed to doing our best to help people in debt, with housing or welfare benefits problems.