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Judith Moran

Co-optative Member

Judith Moran has been a member of the Foundation’s Board of Governors since 2007.

In early 2019 we spoke with Judith about her 12 years of working with the Foundation

What is your role at Cripplegate Foundation and what motivated you to get involved?

I got involved because it’s a great privilege to give money away to organisations making the world a better place. To do that in one particular area, Islington, where I have both lived and worked, felt very exciting too. I knew I’d have the opportunity of seeing the impact of our grants at close proximity.

Tell us a bit about your past experience. 

I’ve worked or volunteered all my life within the voluntary sector, for causes such as mental health, learning disabilities, women’s issues, and latterly, poverty. One of the most unusual things I’ve done, and one of the things I’m most proud of, is working on the issue of funeral poverty in both a practical and campaigning sense – a difficult and taboo subject. It does mean though that everyone who knows me sends everything they see or hear about funerals my way!  

[Read more about Judith's work on funeral poverty on the Quaker Social Action website here.]

What have you enjoyed most during your time here?

There is such a diverse range of projects that have been funded, all across the borough, so it would be impossible to pick out a favourite. It is very important that we fund those things that help people through the difficult times – but I do love hearing about the work we support which brings people together, building community and self-sufficiency – where the impact is positive, energetic and life affirming!