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James Kempton

Co-optative Member

James Kempton has been a member of the Foundation’s Board of Governors since 2014.

We spoke with James about his involvement with the Foundation

What motivated you to get involved?

I became very impressed with Cripplegate when I worked closely with them as Leader of Islington Council.  I launched Invisible Islington in 2008 which refocused Cripplegate on the key ambition of driving social justice in this highly deprived inner city borough.

When I stopped being a Councillor I was keen to stay closely involved with supporting Cripplegate’s work and became a Governor.

What do you think is important about the Foundation's approach to funding?

I feel as a funder Cripplegate is not about handouts, but hand ups. It works long-term to support local charities to grow and thrive so that they can provide the sort of frontline support that enables individual residents to take back control and live the lives they aspire to.