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Anne-Marie Ellis

Co-optative Member

Anne-Marie Ellis has been a member of the Foundation’s Board since 2008. She is Chair of the Islington Residents Support Scheme, Advice Projects Steering Group, Safeguarding Governor, and a member of the Programme Committee. 

In early 2019 we spoke with Anne-Marie about her 11 year involvement with the Foundation

What is your role at Cripplegate Foundation and what motivated you to get involved?

Having lived in our borough for 35 years, I am deeply concerned by the increasing divide between richer and poorer residents. A commitment to greater social justice made me apply to the Foundation. I became a member of our Board of Governors in 2008 and subsequently served as Chair.

What other projects have you been part of in your time here?

I am proud to have been a founder member of Islington Giving and remain an enthusiastic supporter. I am involved in multiple aspects of the Foundation’s work, chairing the Advice Project, and working closely with Islington Council on the Residents’ Support Scheme and the Community Chest.

Are there particular issues or challenges you feel passionately about?

I have a particular interest in the Foundation’s support for those local people whose lives are affected by the additional challenge of disability.