Monitoring your grant

Cripplegate Foundation monitors all grants to make sure that its funding is having an impact. This is not a paper driven exercise but reflects our interest in assessing the impact of projects and helps us to ensure that funding is well spent. We use the information to shape our programmes and to develop shared knowledge of need and responses to it in Islington. We are interested in the challenges, as well as the successes, of your project.

Each organisation that receives a grant must complete annual monitoring. At the end of your grant you should submit a final report. We regularly visit organisations as part of the monitoring process. We also welcome photographs and videos of your project.

We usually pay grants in instalments. Instalments are paid when satisfactory monitoring has been received.

Organisations awarded a main grant will be required to complete an annual monitoring form online. A paper copy will be sent out to you with your offer letter so it is clear from the outset what monitoring information is required. A link to the live online monitoring form will then be sent to you when your monitoring is due. Development Partners will be required to work with Cripplegate Foundation and other Development Partners to co-create monitoring.   

For more information on monitoring contact a member of the Cripplegate Foundation Programme Team by emailing or phoning 020 7288 6940.