Where we work

We work throughout Islington and the Cripplegate ward of the City of London.

Old Street (Shannon Wells photography)

Old Street (Shannon Wells photography)

Why Islington?

Islington is a borough of striking social extremes, where London’s richest and poorest residents exist side by side, living entirely different lives.


  • is the 5th most deprived London borough
  • is the 26th most deprived area in England
  • has the 3rd highest level of child poverty in the country, with 38% of children (over 16,500) living in poverty
  • sees 1/3 of its children living in overcrowded conditions
  • has the least open space of any borough in the country
  • has one of the lowest life expectancies for men in London
  • has the highest number of residents with serious mental health issues in the country
  • has the highest levels of depression in England
  • is one of he most unequal places in the UK with average house prices similar to boroughs like Richmond (275th most deprived)

The work we do aims to improve the lives of Islington residents. If you are unclear whether your project can apply for funding contact us for advice.

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