Our priorities

The key themes of our 2012-15 strategic plan will remain our priorities for 2016-18.  These are:

  • Improving the voluntary sector’s ability to serve local residents

Recognising that the local voluntary sector faces significant challenges, we aim to strengthen the voluntary sector, help successful organisations develop, respond to change, and encourage innovation.

  • Building the resilience of vulnerable residents

Ameliorating the impact of public policy changes on vulnerable residents, through our own activity and influencing the work of our partners.

  • Increasing the resources available to Islington

Primarily through ensuring Islington Giving continues to succeed, but also by seeking out additional sources of funds, or ways to leverage our own grant making by working with others.

  • Influencing policy and practice that affects Islington

Developing the Foundation’s influencing role in a rapidly changing public policy environment.  The Foundation’s role as an influencer is based on firm evidence about what is happening locally, and our independence must be preserved.

We believe we can pursue these priorities by addressing the following:

  • Enabling our most disadvantaged residents to access opportunities
  • Strengthening the mental health and well being of our most vulnerable residents
  • Addressing the social dimensions of poverty and inequality manifested in isolation
  • Improving access to information, advice and support for low income residents
  • Maximising incomes for those living in poverty