About us

We give grants

Cripplegate Foundation is an endowed charity. We make grants in Islington and part of the City of London. We spend c£1.6m a year, using our own funds and those administered on behalf of others. We give grants to organisations, and support individual residents through Islington Council’s Resident Support Scheme.

We identify needs

We use our detailed local knowledge to identify needs, to develop new ways of tackling poverty, and to contribute to the wider policy debate about disadvantage and inequality.

We are pro-active

We have a programme of Pro-Activity Grants, where we target new areas of work. We don’t just wait for applications for funding – we seek out organisations we think can best meet the needs of residents. We partner with others to prevent problems and achieve long term change.

We make long term commitments

Staff give advice to organisations on project development and management, premises, other sources of funding and local networks. We meet all applicants and all funded projects are visited. We monitor all our grants to assess the impact they have on peoples’ lives and ensure that funding is well spent.

We make links

Because the Foundation operates in a small geographical area, its work differs from many trusts. We bring organisations and residents together to pool their resources and develop new projects.

The Foundation’s grants support training, development and project work. We provide core funding. Our grants programme aims to be flexible to encourage organisations to meet the changing needs of local residents.